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100 Days to a Brand New You: It’s time to move out of violent communities. (83/100)

I am so sick of seeing Black women and children dying violently every day. Most of the time they are murdered by someone they love

January 27, 2014 100 Days to A Brand New You
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Don’t save him. He don’t wannabe saved. Stop trying to change antiBlack women misogynists.

We all know we have a generation of sick antiBlack female misogynists. They are on social media and in our “entertainment.” What can we do

November 21, 2013 Culture, Sexism
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Protecting Victimizer Pharaoh I Have Nothing aka “Conscious Brothers” While Ignoring Black Women

  Some people are upset that I am making fun of the fake Black male Egyptians aka “Conscious Brothers” who scream Hotep. First of all,

November 04, 2013 Uncategorized
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An apology and a call for civility

Hello all, Some of you follow me on Twitter and may have witnessed an unfortunate incident this morning. I will not go into detail because


An open letter to people who want to write an open letter to Black women and put it on Huffington Post.

Dear Black People who want to write an open letter to Black women, I am writing an open letter to people who want to write

July 19, 2012 Culture, Sexism
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