Marshawn Lynch is the running back for the Seattle Seahawks. He is infamous for not speaking to the media and wearing Afrocentric jewelry. In an interview with XXL, Marshawn Lynch was asked to list his 10 hottest women. He listed well known women but then he went on to say,

(Questioner): Okay, got them. Any bonuses?
(Lynch): Anything with curly hair, fair skin, pretty-ass teeth and a sexy-ass personality, that’s probably number one. She ain’t got to have no name behind her but she’s somewhere out there.

(Questioner): So you’re looking for a lady with good teeth and you said light-skinned or did I hear that wrong?
(Lynch): Yeah, you made it up, I said fair-skinned. That’s like on a summer day she’s gonna be a little bit more brown, and then when it’s cold outside, she probably be a little bit on her way to being light-skinned but not light-skinned.

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Forget the Seahawks. He is on team light skin! I mean fair skinned even though they are the same. Let’s add him to the long list of Black male celebrities that have openly stated their internalized racism for light skin and Eurocentric features. The odd thing is he doesn’t have light skin or curly hair himself. You would think someone who talks about “real Africans” would love all of Blackness. You know, which is mostly dark skin and tightly curled hair. But he doesn’t. He’s just here for fair-skinned girls.

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Honestly, Black colorism isn’t new. It’s been this way since White men started raping enslaved and colonized Black women. Their light-skinned offspring were sent to suffer in the big plantation house where they were beaten by angry slave mistresses, and just like their Black sisters in the fields, mixed women were raped. The offspring of the enslaved and colonized soon adapted the slave master’s mentality and White supremacy. They used paper bag tests and skin color discrimination at historically Black organizations.

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Today the Black White supremacist mindset and colorism is all over Black media. All we have to do is look at the over-representation of women with eurocentric features on TV, movies and in ads. Eurocentric features have always been the standard of beauty in the Black community. It is why we have products that offer to “brighten” Black skin (skin bleach) and get rid of our problematic “unruly” hair. It’s why Black people trash dark skin on social media, lines in songs and by comedians in their tired jokes for White audiences.

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What is funny is that I’ve never seen Black women or Black women celebrities say anything like this. Have you? In fact, when Black women date out, many still express their love for Black men. How many times have we heard Black women celebrities almost apologize and try to justify their nonBlack spouses only to be called bed-wenches while Black men celebrities unapologetically their exclusively for a lighter and Whiter hue a “preference?”

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I believe many of these proBlack men aren’t proBlack people at all. They are pro straight Black men who only want to emulate White supremacy. Even when they claim they aren’t looking for White validation but their actions and “preferences” say other wise. They want to be a part of and mimic White supremacy so bad they believe that sleeping with light skin and curly hair will get them an honorary White man golden ticket. They want White people to know they are Black but don’t like Black, Black people. They want Black women to Black but not too Black. They want Black women to be natural but not too kinky. They want to maintain the color caste system where Black women are oppressed, light skinned women are objectified and dark skinned Black women brunt of discrimination are to be humiliated and abused.

So how can one be antiracist but be a colorist? These Black men do not benefit from racism so they want to end it. The unspoken truth is that Black men, as reflected in our media, are the primary promoters and beneficiaries of colorism. There is no incentive to end colorism.

People love who they love and most of the time skin color has nothing to do with it. But why does it seem like this “preference” is primarily for Eurocentric features? If it was just a preference why feel compelled to say it? Because it is really colorism and internalized racism. As we can see the color caste system is still acceptable 150 years after salary ended. So much for real Africans!

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A revolution always begins between two ears. Start yours today.

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