I told yall I blog about madness! Whelp here is some more. And yep you read the title right!

Stacy Garlock, image via WMCTV

On June 11, Stacy Garlock, 24 was caught smoking weed by the Tipton County Sheriff at 11:30 pm while her 10 month old baby was in the car. Guess what? Now she is mad that the whole world knows. She was first stopped for not wearing a seatbelt. That was when deputies smelled weed in the car. According to the article she admitted to having drugs in her possession but destroyed traces of it when she was pulled over.

Tipton County Sheriff J.T. ‘Pancho’ Chumley said in a written statement said, “It doesn’t appear that this young mother was making clear decisions as to the welfare of her infant child this evening,” “She unfortunately exposed her child to an unhealthy, dangerous situation with potential health risks.”

Garlock’s explanation was, “It’s a lot better than drinking and driving or taking pills and driving. No one ever died from smoking weed!” “My whole entire family is embarrassed. Everyone’s in my business now; I don’t need people judging what I do! I don’t understand why this was even released because I know people who’ve done way worse.”

Um. Maybe it was because you were smoking an illegal drug around your baby at 11:30 pm? What do you think?

Source: WMCTV


Tiffany Roads, image via WMCTV


On June 19, Tiffany Roads was being beaten by a man who forced her out of his vehicle in front of her Memphis home. Her son stepped in to save her. His reward for saving his mom was that she threw her shoe at him and then broke down the door to choke him. This mother of the year candidate chased her son with a knife and eventually family members saved him. She is being charged with aggravated assault.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!
Source: WMCTV