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If the video of a Black woman rejecting a Black man made you mad you’re wrong and here’s why. (NSFW & Video)

The images below contain profanity. The content is not safe for work.  Yesterday I was cruising the Facebook mean streets when I saw a video

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UPDATE!!! Two White QVC hosts mock a Black Woman’s natural hair and humiliate her on TV. (Video)

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE, TO THE UPDATE! The QVC host Sandra Bennett responded. Please see the screen shots below. This was from her Facebook page and

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Want to lose weight fast or grow your hair fast? This post or even blog ain’t for you.

FORUM EVENT REMINDER: Forum chat: Setting goals and achieving them. 1/23/2015 at 8:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. EST I am an in a natural hair

January 23, 2015 Health and Beauty
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An open letter to those who complain about Black women’s hair and makeup

I am tired of sexist men and their women enablers complaining about hair and makeup. Here is my open letter to them. Dear sexist men

January 13, 2015 Health and Beauty
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Things didn’t change for me until I was laid off and death came for my friend. Why you need a life plan.

As I look back on 2014, I realized I accomplished a lot. I wrote a book. Buy it here! We opened a forum. Join here! My

January 05, 2015 Career and Business
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If there was a list of banned books in the Black community, the books on this list would be on it

***WARNING ((Affiliate links!))***This post may offend you, and that is good. I want you to think in a different way. Step out of the confining matrix

January 04, 2015 Career and Business, Homophobia
Open BBG Forum 3

The wait is over! Welcome to the Bougie Black Girl Forum.

The wait is over! Welcome to the Bougie Black Girl Forum. We are the world’s first and only closed user generated forum exclusively for Black

January 03, 2015 News You May Not Know About
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Your forum for Black women launches tonight at 8:00 pm Est. BE THERE!!

I am so excited to announce that your forum will launch tonight. You are probably wondering why do we need a forum since there are

January 01, 2015 Family
The Conscious Starter Kit 97

Black women must avoid Hoteps at all costs and my tips on how to spot them!

Hoteps hate Black women. Yes, for all their Black unity talk, one thing I have learned is as much as many “conscious” types claim to

December 13, 2014 Culture
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Racist things that only Black women deal with at work

Black women are kicking ass in the work place. With success comes a whole bunch of crap. More like microaggressions. You can’t quite call HR on

December 10, 2014 Career and Business
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