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#MotivationalMonday: The Artist and her masterpiece

The following post was inspired by a comment I once saw. Thank you for saying we humans are a work of art.

Dear Black Women,

An artist doesn’t complete her finest work in one day. Like every masterpiece, a work of art starts as an idea and one stroke on her canvas.

If she takes her time and keeps going, the next day there will be two strokes on the canvas. Days later there will be three, then four strokes and so on.

There will be some mistakes, but the artist has the tools to fix them. The artist may decide to go in a different direction, and that’s OK. What matters is the artist keeps on going.

After days, months and even years and thousands of elegant strokes, the artist’s final product is a masterpiece.

You are the artist, and your goal is your masterpiece. It all begins with an idea, and a stroke on your canvas called your life.

You are a work of art. Get started on your masterpiece.

With the love,

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