Post-racial America my ass: Black Children targeted by the White police at a community pool after White woman beats on a Black teen. (NSFW or Children: Police Brutality)

Black teens attacked The videos are shocking and not safe for young viewers. On June 5, 2015 in  McKinney, Texas a suburb outside of Dallas, a White adult hit a Black teen after the teens responded to her and other White adults racist comments. According to the Huffington Post:

WASHINGTON — When Miles Jai Thomas arrived at a party at the Craig Ranch North Community Pool in McKinney, Texas, on Friday night, the pool was open to everyone — until a security guard showed up and removed black partygoers from the area. “Then he started making up rules to keep us out,” Thomas, 15, told The Huffington Post. A white woman at the pool started making racist comments, Thomas said, such as telling black teens at the party to get used to the bars outside the pool because that’s all they were going to see. Read the rest here.

Here is the fight of the White woman beating the Black teenage girl.

The police were called and several police officers responded. They were calm. Later on the video we see one officer who felt he had to stop, drop and roll and start cursing at the kids. That police officer at the 3:03 mark then grabs a teenage girl wearing a bathing suit on by her hair, pounds her into the ground and arrests her. No charges were filed against her and she was released to her parents. The police officer then pulled out his gun because her friends tried to defend her. Despite the polite pleas from the young men he had also placed in custody the police officer proceeded to use profanity against them. Eventually nine police units responded to the scene. One person is in custody for the incident. Enough with the niceties. Post-racial America my ass! I swear this makes me want to leave this place. You have a police officer pulling out guns and performing tactical movies against Black children at a pool party. A public freaking pool!  What are the children going to attack you with? A beach ball! And look who takes the brunt of force? Black girls! But you have people who insist the only victims of police and racial violence are Black men and boys. Once again they are wrong!  One more thing, notice how the police only targeted Black children. Before a racist starts calling McKinney the hood or says the police were justified because everyone hates poor people, especially poor Black people, here are some facts. According to the United States Census in 2013, there were 148,559 people in McKinney, Texas. In 2010, 10% of the population was Black. In 2013, over 92% of the city’s population had a high school diploma and over 46% had a bachelor’s degree. The median income in 2013 was $81,118. A statement by the McKinney Police Department Mickinney The police had nothing to worry about except now their police force’s reputation and lawsuits. According to the McKinney Police Department, because of the video taken by Brandon Brooks, who is White for those who don’t believe Black people, the police officer was placed on administrative leave. Just imagine if Brandon didn’t shoot this video. Let it sink in. The police officer would have gotten away with his abusive behavior. The person who called the police should be ashamed. They are probably laughing because they got the outcome they wanted. I hope the children recover from this horrific incident. To watch the press conference with the McKinney Chief of Police Greg Conley  go to http://bcove.me/76hccy5o One more thing. We have to ask ourselves when we see incidents where the police are specifically targeting Black and Brown children while White children are free to go including the young man shooting the video, who and what are the police really protecting and serving? One answer is the status quo aka White supremacy. That is why the White woman who beat the Black teenage girl walked away and folks wonder why there is mistrust of the police! Update This young lady hosted the party and lives in the area.

Comments from the young man who recorded the video. He confirms the story.

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