In Search of Blacktopia: is there a place where Black Americans can be safe?

Forgive me. This is a rant. It isn’t organized. It is a free flow of my thoughts.

Man, Woman and Child having fun in the park.

Is there any place where we can be safe? That’s the question I always ask when I see a Black American face discrimination, a hate crime or be unjustly murdered by the police or by civilians. That’s the question I always ask when Black people are victimized again and again by the injustice of our supposedly fair court system.

I am going to be honest. My father’s family has been in this country for over 300 years, generations of us have proudly served this country and yet I feel like an unwanted house guest here. I feel like I am without a country. I am without a home because of this country’s White supremacy.

I feel this way because Black people live in communities where we are targets for gangs, the police, and racist neighbors. We live in a country where the world’s oldest terrorist organization isn’t labeled a terrorist organization because the terrorists are White and the people they targeted are Black and our nonBlack allies. We live in a country where the actions of White racists are brushed off as mental illness while one act by a Black person is representative of millions of Black people. We live in a country where Black children are transformed in to beastly adults by the media, the police, the criminal justice system and even our neighbors justifying and even encouraging their slaughter because Blackness is seen as a weapon. We live in a country where I am constantly reminded I am unwanted, but tolerated as a second class citizen. We live in a country that refuses to admit that its continued systemic racism creates the conditions for racist and terrorist acts. Because of this, I am reminded every time my people are discriminated or killed the words “land of the free” and the Constitution wasn’t meant for me.

Where can I go? Is there a place where I can walk? Is there a place where I can swim? Is there a place where I can talk to the police? Is there a place where I can go for help after I am injured in an accident? Is there a place where I can shop? Is there a place where I can stand on the corner and hang out with friends? Is there a place where I can play in the park? Is there a place where I can sit outside? Is there a place where we can worship? Is there a place where we can go raise our kids and not have to worry about racism? Is there a place where we will be judged by the content of our character instead of through the lens of racists? Is there a place for me and my family? Is there a place where I can simply exist and just be? Is there anywhere I can go and be free? Sadly, we know not even our home is safe for us.

I am tired. I am tired of begging for people to recognize my humanity. I am tired of jumping through hoops and walking on egg shells while contorting my looks, where I travel, my mind, and my existence to have people respect and acknowledge my existence. I am so tired that we are bombarded daily with reminders of the United States’ ingrained antiBlackness.

I just want to know where is my place? Where is my home? Where can I be safe? Where can I be free? Where is my Blacktopia?

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  1. L, Higgins 19 June, 2015 at 00:08 Reply

    Hello Bougie Black Girl,

    I understand you rant. When I heard about the shooting, first thought white male. Yes it’s a hate crime. My family has also been in this country for three hundred years. Some fought in the American Revolution. The problem with racist’s black and white losers is that they will said and do anything to defense their behavior. This killer does not have mental health issues. He sat for two hours in bible study with his victims. He plan their murder. Not blaming the victims, but as black women we must stop,cannot view everyone as a friend. Where was security for this church. I’m mad and sadden by this. I was taught by my parents not to trust people, and never allow them in your space. I will keep on seeking economic success, buy land, and starting packing(shooting range, concealed weapon permit) If I have to move I will do so. Our ancestors went through worse and endue. We can do the same, with like minded people. This loser is just like Tim McVeigh in his belief. Please take care.

  2. Neecy 19 June, 2015 at 03:20 Reply

    I was thinking the same thing. But maybe we can brainstorm and find a place? Lol I’m dead serious!

    I’m over this shit! And I have always been a proud American BW because I always noted how “good” we have it compared to other BW.

    But the more things change the more they stay that same. There was never a time I considered getting armed, now - it’s a different story.

    I think BW should brainstorm and start coming up with ideas on how we can create infrastructures for ourselves and future offspring.

    • June 29 December, 2015 at 13:18 Reply

      Neecy, I agree with you but we can’t forget about our men. We need them to complete the ‘family unit.’ The men can help us build these infrastructures you’re referring to and help to keep us safe, allowing our BW to focus on the gifts God gave us, femininty, compassion, love, nuturing, teaching, strategic thinking, and many more skills. We need our family unit to be string once more like it was before.

  3. JoAnna 19 June, 2015 at 08:40 Reply

    Thank you for writing this. I know exactly where you are coming from. After reading different blogs and responses, I’m still floored that people don’t see this as race issue or even a hate crime. As for a safe place? I don’t know that one exists. I do know that some have said they wanted to move to another country. I don’t know if that’s the best solution, but it’s worth considering.

  4. L, Higgins 19 June, 2015 at 19:09 Reply

    I knew sooner than later the losers would flock to this site. Hiding behind the internet to spewed your crap.Go troll somewhere else. Get a f@#@@ clue. You do not have the right to talk shit. This is my last words regarding your nonsense.

  5. Nubia 19 June, 2015 at 19:55 Reply

    Oh boy… trolls.. we not even safe on the internet…. There is nowhere safe for women, especially black women.

    I agree though, it is up to us to create our own safe environment absent of men.

  6. Bougie Black Girl 20 June, 2015 at 01:23 Reply

    Apparently we have a racist obsessed fan who directed their friends here. I mean this person continuously posts my stuff there for some strange reason. I think it is really weird because this is a Black woman’s blog. They made me money though.

    Any way this is not a free speech zone. Your opinions are irrelevant. No one cares what you think. Go back to Reddit. Circle jerk and play online racist there. Get a life too.

  7. Florence 21 June, 2015 at 17:14 Reply

    I have been saying this for four decades and was told that I was being parnoid; and, it has worsen and no one is speaking out until after Obama became president. And, now the B. male have gone crazier than he is mating with the enemies. Read Malcolm X view(s) on the B.male and B.female relationship. It was doomed over centuries ago when that clever person planted the words, “superior” and “inferor”. He become the leech on the B. male or those who are darker, especially.

    if you notice after Obama adopted the so-called white house 89% of B. male and some B. females begin to find more interest in the non-B.females and they,even though they hate the B. people but will play the game or empathy towards our struggles in America with an ultimult goal is for him to finance their family. Example: Kobe Bryant and that whore who wants to leave him but Mama and family said, “keep that ole dumb boy” until we have ecoomic status in America.

    And, the weasel who would have babies with his gay azz? She is extremely thirsty for the idiot $$$$$$$s. Kevin Hart is a little worm with his little penis [they all have them and most of them are short] who huffs and puffs in society and often time use, laughed at and very insecure; today’s what is called an uncle tom. I spell it with small letters.

    To summate it it is an economical thing and as whitey said 64 years ago that “the old boy is whom I made and he don’t want but one thing is his white daughter and the world will not have to worrywhther he would treat here better than his own little B. babies [pick-a- nanannies]. He burst out laughing to the world and said “watch the old stupid nigger. He was the governor of Arkansas or Mississippi during 1950 - 1960ish. And, many stood back and watched us as a people. You will find it in the B. churches. education;, politics, sports, businesses,media, ghettoes, and Hollywood is dossed with it. All over the globe for it has been programmed by extremely evil people. “Read why the German Jew hates Blacks and who runs the USA and most of the wealth in the world”.

    Often, they know which direction the B. people, especially, out males resullt in most situation. Example: the riots in LA, Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, and all oppresses slums and ghettoes where the majority are drug infected economically dilapidated surrounding, low education and all the atrocities which go along with deestructions,such as, death of a people.

    These evil being have captured a cruel and demonic cast spell of control and the B. male does not see it. Slavery is repeating itself and the B.male is the sperm donor; and their procreations will within another 50 years or lesser will deny him. The twist is his little B.procreations before as many non-Black will then enslave his little Black procreations of whom he hate and denied the rightfully parenting. What he says that the so-called massa is still in controll of him. He will always be that ole [nigger] boy for as long as he [the B. male] never confront the evil massa as Malcolm X; Dr. King [His baby son with someone other than Black for he did not get the picture in what his dad meant.] And, the B. male has the other female by the barrel and more are coming to America to wiggle their straight hair and albino[comes in many hues] skin.

    It is not that the other females, espcially, the so-called W. female, is any different than the B. female it’s just she can play him better like the fool he really is. Idiot!! She has never been afraid of this boy who cann see truth if it slapped him in the face. [Look how easily for the female impersonator to invade the NAACP! And, will profit from it worldwidely, she has a book, publicity, and her celebrity show in the making. She not only study and manipulate the B. male but she screwed with our history. Surelly, she had bad experiences in the home, molestation and mental cruelities most likely horrrific ones. She and the family knows the truths; of course, God. Or she just confused and a wannabee. Like most of them! Because a B.male would have never be abled to pull something like this off.] [the church in Charleston, SC and my hometown Greenville is north approximately, 110 miles; I am sadden of the terrorist plot by others who set this whole thing up and killing 9 humans [remember in the 1950s the bombing of the church and the killings, catastrophoic and wounding of those people] but I to somewhat blame the leadership not because not having security but not having a “decerning spirit” of the evil one was in the room and use another weak-minded childlike to play-out is ultimate purpose(s).

    This was a message to African Americans in the USA. I believe that those like O’Reilly, the other fat radio talk show, Lumbard;they have given his walking papers, as should Bill O’Reilly, Megay Kelley, Hannity Judge Jennine [a B.skinned female from Lebonon a coward who landed in America after we build this country without compensation], and to those Black from South America, India, African countries - I say to you since you do not relate to us or with us then you are profitting from our struggles, death, and enslavement [just like yourselves who are the products [procreation] from rape and more rapes of the female slave from the age 8 to when he felt that she was too old therefore, he would sale, use in the big house or use her in the fields and/or pass her, if she not too old to another male in the family. And,while her man is forced watched him raping his woman; and/or if they had baby girls and when she starts blooming he would raped the daughter and nothing the B. male could do or would do other than it was not just Jbango defended his women.I beleive that many B. males stood up and died in protecting her.

    This is why society believes in “rape” it started back centuries perhaps, thousand and thousand of years ago when this evilness called “white or light superioracy. Because real men fought and fought whereas, these sorry B.males takes to flight inwhich he called “We are getting back at whitey.” Are you serious Sidney Portier, Harry Balafonte, Michael Jordan,Sean Koones, Rick Ross, Sacramento Mayor, the Little Weasel, Ludacris, Common, Teresee, Nelly, Ray-J [Brandy, his sister, can’t get to the altar; and the way some B. males call her ugly names], Scotty Peppin, Chad Johnson [he lost everything behind a crazy latino, Everlyn Lazadas], Shak; Dr. West, Clarence McClendon, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Hart, Boris Kodjoe, Idris Elba, Kanye West [and, to agress with the magazine writer that North is a plus to other little Black girls. I did not hear or see you speaing up for little girl name “Blue” factly, they critiqyed negatively about her hair and in how it need combing or how could it be combed. You racist pigs your play the game of racism well making it seem as your are not.Surprising that B.male sperm donor sat and applaud them], Neyo, Wesly Snipes, Dr.King’s baby boy, OJ Simpson and his friend Al, and other B.male you know who you are. Sad! Sad! Keep dishonoring the B. female just wait when you have been used again and this time it fully the other female while her daddy laughing at the gullibit and psychological lack of the B. male.

    I believe that one day after the second round of slavery by your own procreations then,you will cease in Cultural Genocide;and it is many non-white whoare doing it, too. They all hate Us. The Latino or Mexican whatever believe that America is theirs; the Asian believe that they are here and they want the American $$$$$$$$$$$$$ and their behinds keep coming to America.

    I say to African Ameicans to learn to UNIT among us,only like the Asians, Latinos and every immigrant and emigrate who cowardly run instead of fighting for their equality, Justice, Rights and enforce you inalienables. Surely, some of you will die but many remained to see the results of their plight(s).

    Why haven’t USA trodded South America Cartel terrorism of tthose who looks like with massive weapons, inwhich they bring as they cross the borders, drugs and disease, all in a conspiracy overtake the USA by enforcing more of the lighter or whiter one across the borders. Yes, with the lie that they are hard working but they are getting pay well.

    I want to learn you with a little something in Mexico there are the poor, middle and wealthy. They say the same things about the poor of not wanting to improve themselves, the average one earns $.50 to $.75 hourly mind you the poor. I remember B. people going through something similar and didn’t run away expecting a stroke on our backs. We fought for changes in our conditions and marched. And,here these lazy ingrates [Black and non-Black from places] without anyshame in their game(s) and make demands of America;.

    Take a strolll to some of these other Counties in California; Detroit, South/North Carolinas, Baltimore,Chicago, Masouri, New Jersey, Virginia, Philadephia, Tennessee, San Bernardia; Orange etc.

    I was reading an article whereas this Mexican female was talking about her family progress and encouraging others like her to immigrate to North Carolina where there are business opportunities, etc And, i wonder how many B. faces that she smiled in or turn away or just joing with the racisms spreading by them toward B. American.

    Hello!. I mentiom Sidney Portier above when Obama became president there he was and the picture that was displayed about him was a front and he another left his wife for one of them. He could not do it in the islands but unbias America allow it but not without some consequencies. I actually, thougjt that Sidneywas dead and he almot there; he was procreating babies because he believed, he was moving up with the non-B.on his arm in Hollywood. Those Jews[ where some who are homophobic- ask Rock Hudson who died of AIDS; Robert Wagner; and others, Black. and White; and many of those manly rappers.

    To understand this is to know who you are and where you come from and once you get this; then, you’ll understand the B. males issues. Oh,yes, Jennifer Lopez is bi-sexual, also, Chris Jenner and I believe that because her daughtrers acts as they do, she mostly molested them inwhich she taught them how to defeat the B.male inwhcih she learned from OJ Simpson. because Khole is OJ.Simpson and not Robert K. for he is not here to defend his honor.

    This is what too much $$$$$$$$$$$$$ and popularity do for you by going Hollywood lifestyle for everything is thrown at you.

  8. Fran 22 June, 2015 at 18:20 Reply

    Anyone that thinks this is not a hate/racial crime just doesn’t want to see it. No one is that blind but there are always those that prefer to live in la-la land.

    I don’t think there is a safe place in this world, not for people of color anyway.

  9. Beauty. in.Grace 27 June, 2015 at 19:03 Reply

    Yes, it is time for AABW to build our own infrastructures and our own support systems. Including towns and cities. I have seen both Asian and white women support each other within their groups using each others businesses, etc. Black women need to do the same.

    However, AABW are so caught up trying to out do each other and often show non-black people how valuable they are and somehow “better” than the other black women that any gain that could be had by working together is lost.

    AABW are a powerful group of women because when we get it, we GET IT on a level that I find AABM just often don’t. Also I think that what we as AABW often fail to understand on a deep level is that for at least 3 decades the BMs plan has been to try to assimilate through getting with non-black women.

    I also think on some level they are trying to switch roles with BW, to be more acceptable. It’s hard to explain. It’s like they feel they can’t beat the white man, and that the white man won’t let them fully operate as a man so they have no choice but to try to compete with women. But they feel that non-black and even bi-racial BW are better than them, so they want to be with these women to raise their own value.

    But they hate full blooded AABW because they feel that they are more valuable than she. I say all this to say that:

    Black men are not interested in seeing the
    black community thrive or at this point
    survive. Because they believe [they] ARE
    thriving as long as they have a non- black
    woman on their arm. At this point I think
    they feel like in America there can only be
    one representative from a race, with Asians
    its the women, and with black people, black
    men feel like it’s gonna be them come hell or
    high water. But it’s easier to find acceptance
    in American society if you are a woman, so
    this entire time, bm have been trying to
    displace the black woman so they can slide
    into her place and find acceptance.

    But Black women are, interested in seeing the
    community thrive so we will have to create
    the safe spaces ourselves. Only I don’t
    believe BM will ever honor these spaces, so
    AABW will really have to create these spaces
    for ourselves by ourselves, as like minded

    I think we will be successful, if we keep the
    Lord as the head of EVERYTHING, because
    we care and have a VESTED interest in being

  10. June 29 December, 2015 at 13:25 Reply

    I can speak for the majority of AABM but I do know of a handful of them who want nothing more than to rebuild the black family unit. So much so, that they would prefer to stay single than to date outside their race. But i believe if we AABW who are working to preserve our culture can connect with AABM who are on the same wave lengths, we can and will eventually be able to build back up the black family unit. All I know is that we as woman can’t and shouldn’t want to do it alone. Men need us as much as we need them. We just have to find the like minded. I totally stumbled upon this blog and I’m loving the vibe of the AABW unity. If you don’t mind I’d like to share this blog to more of my sistas and brothas out here in Phoenix, AZ. We pretty much have a tight network of AA BW&BM who knows what’s up. Peace and blessings my sistas.

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