Rioting in Ferguson isn’t the answer. Black economic and political power is.

Newark Race Riot, 1967

Newark Race Riot, 1967

In case you don’t know there is a riot going on in Ferguson, Missouri. I understand the hurt and the pain. Heck, I have two beautiful Black sons but I know change will never occur by burning down a Quiktrip. If I could move to another country I would but I cannot. I know true change in America comes from long-term economic and political strategy not violence.

L. A. Riots, 1992

What gets me is that there are ivory tower middle class Blacks, from the safety of their $2k Mac computers, Mc  mansions and suburban communities advocating rioting too. Why aren’t they flying into Missouri? Trust me, they wont. What those tiny minority of individuals who are rioting and advocating it are doing is selfishly taking attention away from the massive injustice of Mike Brown’s murder and making it about them. If you want people to see your humanity and if you want them to see the injustice this is not the way to do it. It only inflames them because many nonBlacks and some Blacks are invested in the racist stereotypes of Black people.

Those few who are advocating violence have not learned the lessons of the past. The lesson is that violence begets social, economic, political, spiritual, physical and mental violence. They did not learn from the aftermath of the riots that occurred in Watts, L.A., Detroit and Newark. It did nothing but destroy Black wealth and quality of life. Have you been to the “D” (Detroit) and Newark lately? Have you noticed that prior to the riots both had strong Black communities but after the riots Detroit and Newark never really recovered? In fact, both are two of the most violent cities in America and both cities suffer from high unemployment. If you naïvely think rioting makes you heard, it does not. What is does do is ensure that the same Black bodies rioting in the streets of Ferguson will become nothing more than an asset for the prison industrial complex and the hick towns that support them. Now is not the time for rabid emotionalism and violence. Want to really be dangerous? Want to really change things? Try to strategize, plan and build great Black communities.

Rioting is for short-term thinkers. It is for those who want to see and are fully invested in the perpetual victimization and reactionary position of Black people. That includes Blacks too. Become proactive. Recognize real Black power doesn’t comes from burning stores down but creating and maintaining your own stores and wealth. It also comes from politics. If you want true change, if you want true power and if you want to end mistreatment run for office, win and change policy. Become the mayor and the police chief. Run for city council and win. Change the power dynamics from within. Stop begging for acceptance and accept yourself. Stop asking for equality and take power. Stop begging for a job and create your own. No other group begs like Black folks do. Stop rioting and start economic and political strategizing.

Please share this post with your networks.  Let them know violence is not an option. A revolution always begins through two ears. Start your revolution today.



  1. Penny 11 August, 2014 at 21:02 Reply

    See, this kind of shit just feeds into the mindset of the general public: that Black people are violent, uncivilized and ungovernable. That we are not a reasonable people; that we are not, and will never be productive members of American society.

    See why there are no businesses, Black- owned or otherwise who want to locate in predominantly Black communities to serve the people there? See why there are no jobs there? I mean, WTF? I’m a small business owner with my husband and we would NEVER locate in a predominately Black community. Too dangerous!!

    Is this what we want our fellow American citizens to think of us? There are other ways. Look around. When some white supremacist lunatic shot up a Hindu temple and killed several people, did the Hindus burn down their own neighborhood? I mean, give this destructive shit a rest! It doesn’t further our interests and it only pushes us farther outside the American mainstream. Don’t wanna be in the American mainstream (it’s where the real action is) then feel free to exercise your right to go back to Africa. And good luck

  2. The Intellectual ladies empowerment club 11 August, 2014 at 22:06 Reply

    No one rioted, marched or protested for all of the young black women who have also lost their lives due to gun violence and police brutality; but noone is talking about that though.

  3. TAMEKIA 26 August, 2014 at 19:31 Reply

    While I don’t agree with looting (although it did help bring this situation to a national level), I think the protested was warranted. Lets also not forget that some people are very opportunitistic. This horrible situation was explioted for their own personal gain. Overall, I am not ashamed of my people because what other think is their own ignorance. We could have done nothing and they would have still thought negatively about us.

  4. TAMEKIA 26 August, 2014 at 19:35 Reply

    Penny, please understand that there have been very successful black communities but historically, where we prospered, they felt threatened and built highways through our business districts. They would find a reason to “riot” and burn down our successful black cities and towns. While I understand were you are coming from on the business end, how can we help our own communities when we don’t support our own.

  5. Cherry 25 November, 2014 at 18:36 Reply

    Here is the part I do not understand. All of the evidence shows that Brown assaulted the police officer and was charging him when he was shot. This was after he robbed a store and bullied the clerk. How is this a travesty. Is seems that you are so invested in this being a violation of civil rights and yet another black person being murdered by a white - that you totally ignore the facts. How do you justify this?

  6. Beyonce2 27 November, 2014 at 15:27 Reply

    Na burn it down. Let it burn. Who caresabout some white man’s burnt up pizza joint? I bet most of thebusinesses burnt up were not black owned any way? I for one, am not embarassed by black people’s reaction to this nonsense. I think they should have burnt the police precinct first, and then set out an all and out war on the mother f’rs. I think it’s high time people realize that violence like this, is the answer, because black people are feeling less than, or sub human. Feeling sub human all the time has a damaging psychological effect on ones brain. Its wrong on some levels to loot but, people are getting tired of white people thinking they are superior to everyone,like they own the world. That looting was a big middle finger to white people who do that to black people. Burn the town its evil and if the cops keep playing those games burn the precints too. Show no love because they won’t show you any. As for economic success, hey you can have that too after protesting, why cant we do both? Why cant we burn the honkey town down and just TAKE whats ours and be rich anyway? Why cant we still build up our wealth and power? It can be done. People are livid and I dont blame them. I also think its funny how no one wouldburn a town down,throw bombs or shoot guns in the air, if it were a black girl?

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